You Need A New Phone For Sumeru: Genshin Impact 3.0 – Our Phone Recommendations

I believe these are exciting times for Genshin players. Because the game is finally updated with a new country, new storyline, and new characters. Some people are happily exploring Sumeru with their New wifu, some are being Spider-Man in Sumeru, and I was looking all over the jungle for this mushroom. Some people went crazy as soon as they downloaded version 3.0 because their phones were hot and laggy. And they didn’t have enough storage space. Maybe this 3.0 update made a lot of people seriously consider whether it’s time for a new phone.

Many of the features added to Genshin 3.0 are very much a test of the phone’s performance, and a good example of this is the Dendro Core, which is created when Hydro and Dendro react. It adds a lot more explosive effects to the battlefield, which is one of the sources of lag. Another example is the intricate structure of Sumeru City and Rainforest, which also has a high demand on your phone’s read and write speeds. Including the lovely Collie, whose skills are a nightmare for cell phones.

Plus Genshin 3.0 game size is up to 17GB so how long will that old phone in your hand really last? As a Genshin player who has reviewed many phones, I can give you some recommendations.

Best phone for Genshin Impact 15

Best Phone to Play Games like Genshin Impact

I’d like to make our testing conditions clear first: all phones were set up with Highest Graphics on, 60fps, and motion blur off. The first test was to stroll around Sumeru City, then go to the Domain for 3 battles to simulate the player’s daily habits as much as possible. Only the frame rate in the Domain is used to calculate the average. Where the frame rate drops in the middle is in loading, not overheating.

Best Phones Under $400

Best phone for Genshin Impact 09

If you are just spending the least amount of money to get a phone that can run Genshin 3.0 smoothly, then I recommend any phone with a Dimensity 8100 processor. The Redmi K50 and realme GT Neo 3 that we tested before are representative phones of this chip and still pass our daily game simulation tests very smoothly. The temperature is low and if you just play Genshin, these are the two phones I recommend most.

Best phone for Genshin Impact 08

Best of all, they are very cheap right now, even the 12+256 version is around $450 and the battery is big enough to make it the perfect Genshin phone. If the budget is still not enough, then the POCO F4 at less than $400 is also worth buying. It’s just that Snapdragon 870’s performance is starting to fail for this game, requiring you to lower your Graphics a bit to reduce lag.

Best Phones Under $500

Best phone for Genshin Impact 06

If you have a little more budget, then I recommend a few of the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 phones that have come out recently. After all, a new electronic device is always better than an old one. I recommend the Redmi K50 Ultra, after today’s update it became the best-performing phone in this video. The 10T would also be a good choice. Although not as good as the K50 Ultra, where lag can be felt in Sumeru City, the performance in Domain is still very good.

Best phone for Genshin Impact 05 The Chinese version of the 10T, which is also called OnePlus Ace Pro, even has a 16GB + 512GB storage version to choose from, so no matter how big the Genshin gets in the future, you won’t have to worry about running out of space. In October, OnePlus will also launch a special edition phone in collaboration with Genshin, and we will make an Unboxing video for you guys after launch.

Best phone for Genshin Impact 03

For an extra hundred dollars, the realme GT2 Master Explorer Edition has a game insertion feature that allows you to get a higher frame rate while playing more stably. As we said in its review, this feature is particularly helpful for Genshin, and it also has a shoulder button, so it’s worth an additional hundred dollars.

Best phone for Genshin Impact 02

I don’t recommend you buy any brand of flagship phone that costs over $1000 just for playing Genshin, because most of your money is spent on their camera systems. If you just focus on the performance of these expensive devices, they are no different than a $400 phone, or even worse. So with the $500 saved, you can get 200 Pulls, which is equivalent to C1 Tighnari or C6 Collei, which might be a better choice for Genshin players. And why I did not recommend any gaming phone, is because I think a phone is a communication tool. After all, not everyone is okay with a gaming phone’s looks. An ordinary phone with good performance is the best.

I believe that everyone who has experienced Genshin version 3.0 can feel that miHoYo is constantly improving. At the same time, the requirements of the game for cell phones are also increasing, so this video can help you choose the right phone for you would be great. By the way, the Quests are very long this time. So I’m off to continue my Sumeru trip. Ad astra abyssosque! I’ll see you next time.


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