You May Get Access to Samsung Self-Repair Services for Smartwatches and Earbuds in Future

A new trademark application has been filed by with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company has reportedly filed the trademark for something called “Self-repair assist”. The following news has been brought to light by SamMobile. The icon for the application is also visible in the filed trademark. The app’s icon shows a cogwheel and a wrench with a blue background.

“Computer application software for mobile phones for self-installation and self-maintenance of smartwatches, tablets, mobile phones, and earphones,” is how the trademark is described. We’re not exactly sure what it tries to do, but there are strong indications that the brand here intends to eventually extend its self-repair services to smartwatches and earbuds.

A self-repair service is already available from for a select few models, it is important to note. Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, including the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy S21 lineup, and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, are currently covered by self-repair services. At least that is what the trademark suggests; the company may also add the services to their smartwatches and earbuds.

In addition to the potential addition of new devices to ’s DIY repair programme, a stand-alone app from the business also suggests that its cooperation with iFixit will come to an end. Additionally, to sell authentic repair parts to Samsung consumers, the latter currently offers repair manuals for Samsung gadgets. Therefore, you might not need to rely on iFixit to perform your own repairs on Samsung products.

Well, all of this currently stands out as a piece of unconfirmed news. There are numerous trademarks and patents filed by thousands of companies but not every one of them has really turned into the actual product. Let’s wait a little more to know about the service to a trademark in detail. We may get to see some official announcements in the coming weeks if the brand is really working on it.



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