You Can Now Precisely Google Search Your Queries With Topic Filters

You Can Precisely <a href="" class="st_tag internal_tag " rel="tag" title="Posts tagged with Google">Google</a> Search Your Queries With Topic Filters

You Can Now Precisely Search Your Queries With Topic Filters

BY Ronil

Published 8 Dec 2022



We all have faced this situation where we begin to search for something without fully knowing what we’re looking for or how to find it. In such cases, we might not get the search results we expect. This could likely happen because your search keyword is overly broad, or Google could show you something similar to your search result (which may not be relevant). Until now, you would have to guess a better keyword related to your topic and search again. However, Google has now made it easier to dive deeper and explore topics related to a search.

Usually, when you search for something on the app or its mobile browser, you will get options like images, video, news, etc., that are related to your search keyword. The big G has now taken a step further to refine results with “topics” options. For instance, when you search for “dinner ideas,” it will suggest you related topics like “healthy” and “quick.” After selecting a topic with the plus button next to it, more related search terms will start to appear next.

When you search on Google, its systems evaluate content from throughout the web following what it understands about how people search, and it will automatically display relevant topics for you. Both – topics and filters – are automatically curated by the system to determine what is more helpful for your specific query. If you don’t see a particular search filter, you can scroll to the end of the row and select “All filters” to find more options.

The official blog post mentions that this feature will roll out for users in the US in the coming days and will be limited to Android, iOS, and mobile web. There is still no word about its desktop browser availability at the moment.

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