Xiaomi Teases MIUI 14 Features: More Uninstallable System Apps, Lower Memory Consumption, and More

has confirmed to unveil MIUI 14 at the Xiaomi 13 series launch event. The conference was supposed to take place on December 1. But unfortunately, it has been now postponed.

Anyway, ahead of the conference, the company has teased some of the features of its latest software. Let’s take a look at them.

A couple of days back, kicked off an early access program for MIUI 14. People participating in this initiative will get a chance to try the new software before the general public.

Followed by that, the firm has now disclosed some features of the software. It has also been revealed that the new iteration of MIUI is codenamed ‘Project Razor’.

says that MIUI 14 aims to offer ‘minimum firmware, minimum memory usage, and minimum non-uninstallable applications.’ The head of MIUI had already teased this earlier saying that MIUI 14 will be the ‘most streamlined and lightweight flagship mobile phone system.’

The company reveals that MIUI 14 firmware will consume less storage. To be precise, its memory size has been reduced by 23% compared to the previous generation.

Further, MIUI 14 will allocate memory efficiently. It will release the non-essential self-starting processes from the boot memory as much as possible. It will also strictly control the memory usage of system applications and services. Hopefully, this doesn’t block notifications from apps.

Finally, MIUI 14 will allow users to uninstall more system applications than ever before. Apart from dialer, contacts, messages, settings, browser, camera, file manager, and app store, users will be able to uninstall all other system apps. This means one can even uninstall clock, weather, gallery, and more.

We don’t know how many of these changes will trickle down to the global version of MIUI 14. Hopefully, brings more features possible to all the markets. Until then, let us know your thoughts on the next-gen Xiaomi mobile software in the comment section below.


Via: gizmochina.com

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