Xiaomi starts testing new Xiao AI model on Xiaomi Sound & Sound Pro speakers

According to the latest report that has surfaced online, is inviting some users to participate in internal testing of the new Xiao AI model update on Xiaomi Sound and Sound Pro.

For those unaware, Xiaomi launched its Xiaomi Sound Pro smart speaker in December 2022. This smart speaker was known for its transparent upper body accompanied by lighting that changes with the rhythm of the music. A recent report by ITHome states that the development of a superior Xiao AI version has been completed and is undergoing a testing phase.

The company is inviting limited people to test out this new voice assistant internally. Additionally, this report also confirms that the devices used for this testing are Xiaomi Sound and Xiaomi Sound Pro. The company plans on ruling out the bugs with the help of this invitation so they can actively fix them. It is highly likely that future Xiaomi speakers will have this Xiao AI.

Furthermore, the new voice assistant is expected to arrive with new features like updated dialogues, active questions answering, better recommendations based on your preferences, and a learning assistant.

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Via: gizmochina.com

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