Xiaomi, Siemens, & others finally end their long IP disputes

Earlier today (11th January 2023), and a couple of other companies jointly announced that they will finally be bringing an end to their long lasting IP disputes (Intellectual Property) as they looked towards the future.

The Chinese tech giant had been in dispute with other patent owners like IP Bridge, Orange, and Siemens. However, the firms have decided to make amends with one another through an innovative patent licensing transaction. In simpler terms, the companies are simply creating an efficient way of licensing patents across multiple technologies to push innovation and remove future disputes for Xiaomi and its future technologies.

According to Ran Xu, Xiaomi General Manager of Global Business Development and IP Strategy stated that “We continue to explore complementary licensing models to the traditional patent pool and bilateral models in order to avoid time-consuming disputes and to focus on innovation. This unique transaction structure lets Xiaomi customers enjoy benefits of inventions from 3 companies, efficiently.” The disputes were ended thanks to Norvus IP, which is a company that is owned by Xiaomi's former Head of IP Strategy.

This firm helped the smartphone maker and the other three licensors and close this licensing transaction in an efficient manner. Similar, Rudolf Freytag, Siemens' Head of Licensing and Technology said that “For us, protection of innovation by patents is of high importance. We highly welcome this agreement, as it constitutes a mutually very satisfactory solution over litigations and appreciates the solution- oriented approach of all parties involved in the deal.”


Via: gizmochina.com

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