Xiaomi Mijia No-Mist Humidifier 3 Pro up for pre-sale in China for 1999 yuan ($275)

introduces the MiJia No-Mist Humidifier 3 Pro, the latest addition to their innovative home gadgets lineup. This cutting-edge product is now up for pre-sale at a cost of 1999 yuan ($275).

Xiaomi MiJia No-Mist Humidifier 3 Pro key features:

The humidifier features a visually captivating design with a top dome treated using distinctive UV technology. This treatment greatly enhances its hydrophobic properties, enabling water droplets to effortlessly roll off, similar to a lotus leaf's behavior.

The MiJia No-Mist Humidifier 3 Pro boasts impressive performance, offering a substantial humidification rate of 1500mL/h. Supported by a generous 7L water reservoir, it provides continuous operation for up to 15 hours when fully filled, ensuring prolonged and effective humidification.

Xiaomi prioritized a non-disruptive experience in the design of the air humidifier. The outcome is an efficient and quiet device that operates at a mere 31dB(A) in sleep mode. This low noise level is achieved through deep acoustic optimization, allowing for a peaceful 400mL/h humidification output ideal for uninterrupted sleep.

Xiaomi's MiJia No-Mist Humidifier 3 Pro goes beyond aesthetics and performance by prioritizing hygiene. It features an extensive sterilization system using electrolytic water technology. Through a simple button press, users can initiate a self-cleaning mode that generates a potent chlorine solution. This solution effectively neutralizes 99% of bacteria in the water tank, filter, and pipelines. The result is fresher, odor-free air in the living space.



Via: gizmochina.com

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