Xiaomi launches Mijia Q1000G Direct Drinking Water Purifier, starting at 3399 yuan ($465)

Xiaomi has introduced its latest flagship water purifier, the Mijia Q1000G Heating Direct Drinking Water Purifier. This purifier combines modern design with innovative water purification technology, making it a standout choice for household water purification needs. Let’s check out the key features of this device.

Xiaomi Mijia Q1000G Direct Drinking Water Purifier key features:

The standout feature of the Mijia Q1000G is its rapid instant heating and faucet instant heating, providing room temperature water in just 3.5 seconds and boiling a liter of water within 60 seconds, offering remarkable time-saving convenience to users.

The purifier sports a purification speed of 2.65L/min, utilizing a six-stage purification system for consistently clean and safe water. Users can also customize the water temperature from 40°C to 95°C in precise 1°C increments.

The Mijia Q1000G features smart connectivity, with remote control and monitoring capabilities through its integrated app. Its dual waterway design enhances efficiency, delivering a consistent and clean water flow.

It prioritizes safety and durability by being BPA-free, preventing water stagnation concerns. It also features an automatic backflush function to enhance the overall taste of the water, ensuring long-lasting quality.

The Mijia Q1000G offers exceptional durability and cost-effectiveness with a five-year lifespan for the RO filter, priced at 999 yuan ($136). Xiaomi further demonstrates confidence in the product’s longevity by providing a 3-year warranty, making it a valuable long-term investment.

The Mijia Q1000G is available for a limited-time special introductory price of 3,399 yuan ($465), which includes a 100 yuan ($14) discount coupon. Consumers can purchase this product starting on September 15th.



Via: gizmochina.com

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