Windows 11: Microsoft wants to organize your windows using AI

is integrating AI into its operating systems. Windows 11 has a new feature called Gallery mode. This feature uses AI and is called “Smart Snap.” Users can memorize their favorite window layouts. They can restore them with just one click.

Smart Snap: Microsoft's Latest AI-Powered Feature for Windows 11

Last February, Microsoft introduced a tool to better manage windows in Windows 11. And it was still in the testing phase at the time. The company promised to think of new ways to make the docking layout feature even more convenient. And it looks like AI is the answer.

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Microsoft has been investing heavily in AI. With a $10 billion investment in OpenAI and the implementation of Bing with ChatGPT directly in the taskbar. The company aims to revolutionize the experience offered by its operating systems with AI.

Users can position their mouse cursor over the maximize/shrink buttons of a window. The Snap function will appear. This is made possible by the Smart Snap feature. It will offer various anchoring configurations to best adapt to the user's needs. With the integration of AI, Microsoft will offer an assistant capable of memorizing groups of windows. While suggesting proposals to the user.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft plans to deploy its window management tool powered by AI next fall. This feature will modify and adapt the behavior of the docking assistant in Windows 11. Allowing users to memorize their favorite layouts and restore them with just one click.

So, this practical feature has been discovered in a preview version of Windows 11. And it could make its debut by the start of the next school year. Microsoft's dedication to integrating AI into its operating systems is evident. And Smart Snap is just one example of how it plans to make the user experience even more convenient.

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