WhatsApp Update: The Little Changes That Really Make a Lot of Sense

WhatsApp has added yet another feature to refresh the user experience of the app. The competition keeps getting tougher for the instant messaging platform and it is not ready to let go of its dominance. Competitors like Telegram and Signal keep getting popular each day which clearly threatens the popularity of WhatsApp.

Some of these competitors look far ahead in terms of features and this gradually reduces the user base on WhatsApp. However, the Meta owned app is not just relying of its popularity to stay ahead but it is also packing-in new features each day. Speaking of new features, the messaging app has introduced yet another one. This time around, it is making a little change to the “About Text” in the contacts list. It may not be a big change but sometimes, the little things can actually make the big difference.

WhatsApp About Text is Finally Getting Improved

Ever since the app launched in 2009, the “about text” within the contacts list has not seen a lot of changes. The “about text” does not seem to be something we use frequently. This is because we do not spend a lot of time viewing it. But everyone checks the “about text” of some contacts once in a while.

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The latest WhatsApp update which brings it to version talks about improvement to the “About Text” within the contacts list. This improvement which will enhance the viewing of the “about text” is currently available for beta testers.

This comes after WhatsApp released a new update to fix some bugs which prevented some users from downloading videos. The new version will add an extra line of text to help users read “about texts” that are longer. This will help users quickly read the text without necessarily tapping on that particular contact in order to check the full text. As minor as it may be, it goes the long way to make things a lot easier and quicker for the user. WhatsApp About Text

Checking from the screenshot above, you can clearly see that the old version always cuts out some texts. It did not seem to be an issue to any user. However, the addition of the extra line makes things a lot easier for all users.

Availability of the New WhatsApp About Text Improvement

This new feature is not available to the general public now. It is available to some beta testers who have downloaded it on the platform. More beta testers as well as iOS users will get it later.

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