VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Unboxing and Tour!

Kellen already gave you an unboxing of the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Now it’s my turn with the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a relatively light upgrade versus last year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, but that’s not me trying to poo-poo it. This is still a solid upgrade priced at $1,799, with a lighter weight over the Z Fold 3 (thanks to a retooled hinge system), improved software (first device to ship with 12L), as well as the upgraded internals that you’d expect from a flagship device in 2022.

In the below video, I’ll go over the hardware, specs, plus give a shallow dive into the software. Spoiler alert: I love the new Taskbar feature.

Give it a watch!


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