Verizon Pushes New Round of Price Increases on Older Unlimited Plans

Verizon needs its customers to leave their old plans behind and adopt their newest, most expensive, and (arguably) worst unlimited plans. Because folks likely aren't willing to do that without being forced, because again, those plans (called myPlan Unlimited) are quite bad, they will raise prices on older plans to get you to consider switching.

The news arrived this week from all over the place, but reddit threads have popped up as well as a confirmation from Verizon through CNET. Verizon is raising prices on older plans and those new prices go into effect by March 1.

The impacted plans have been confirmed as Get More, 5G Play More, 5G Do More, and 5G Start unlimited. These were the plans that existed prior to the launch of Verizon's myPlan line-up, so there is a good chance that you are a part of the crew about to pay more. I say that because these plans were far superior to the new myPlan options, thanks to the included freebies that Verizon now wants folks to pay for.

How much is the increase? $4 per line per month for consumers. However, there appears to be a new round of business plan price increases too, with jumps of $5 and $3 per line per month for some plans.

Verizon is planning to contact customers around January 25 to let them know of the changes. They are then planning to push the price increases live by March 1.

In case it wasn't clear (or obvious), Verizon really wants you on their myPlan plans that include Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome. We've broken these plans down already, but they are quite different than the plans seeing price increases. They don't include any of the free perks, like the Disney+ Bundle. Instead, you may pay more for the plan itself and also have to pay for Disney in addition to the plan price.

You should be notified soon if you have one of those older 5G unlimited plans. I'm certainly preparing for the notification.


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