Verizon Bundles Netflix and Max for $10

Verizon’s recently-launched myPlan plans are bad, you know that. Verizon launched them by removing the free perks from previous plans, only to turn around to immediately ask customers to pay extra for those same perks. The plans are expensive, bare bones, and can’t really compete with T-Mobile’s current line because of the missing freebies.

You have to wonder if Verizon is feeling that a bit with the launch of a new promo for December. Verizon will let you bundle both Netflix and Max for $10 per month as an add-on to your myPlan plan.

Now, these are the versions of Netflix and Max with ads, so we’re talking about their lowest tier options that will interrupt you with commercials. Still, you are getting both for $10.

How much would these cost individually when not bundled? Netflix (standard with ads) runs $6.99/mo and Max (with ads) is $9.99/mo. So you are essentially getting Netflix for free.

This new promo launches December 7.

// Verizon


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