Users Can Now Pre-Order PlayStation VR2 Without Any Kind of Invite

Sony is all set for the launch of the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset next year. Now, Sony had removed the invite-only limitation of the pre-booking of the PS VR2 headset. Interested users can now pre-book the unreleased Sony PlayStation VR2 without having any kind of invitation available. As soon as you pre-book for the unit, the shipments will start between February 22nd to 28th of next year. The device will also officially launch around the same timeline.

The pre-booking for the PlayStation VR2 was started back in the last month, but back then, users had to first register themself and only after getting approval from Sony, they would be able to pre-book the headset. Now the brand has uplifted the invitation-only requirement and anyone who is interested in the product can pre-book the device. Also, keep in mind that it’s not going to be any kind of cheap. So double-check before clicking on the pre-book button.

Sony said last month that it would sell the PS VR2 for $549.99 on February 22, 2023, coupled with a Sense controller charging station. Eye tracking and 3D audio are among the PS VR2 Sense Technology’s standout features. A 4000*2040 high dynamic range (HDR) video format is another element of the new headset that will give players a next-generation experience. The VR2 also has an inbuilt vent for additional airflow and a lens adjustment slider for a more personalised experience. Horizon Call of the Mountain, Sony’s lead launch title, is included with the PS VR2.

Additionally, you must pair the PlayStation VR2 headset with the PlayStation 5 in order to use it. In short, without a PS5, you cannot use the VR2 headset. Without PlayStation 5, purchasing the upcoming VR2 headset will be equivalent to purchasing a brick that won’t work or provide any form of return. You can thus pre-order one if you already own a PlayStation 5. If not, add money for the PS5 as well.



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