Ultrahuman Ring AIR With Skin Temperature Sensor, Phase Response Curve Launched In India

Indian health-tech company Ultrahuman has launched a new wearable. It is the Ultrahuman Ring AIR and follows last year's Ring. The latest offering comes with new features and specifications compared to its predecessor. The company claims it to be the world's lightest sleep-tracking wearable. Read on to know more about it below. 

Ultrahuman Ring AIR specifications and features

As the name suggests, one simply needs to slip the Ultrahuman Ring AIR on their finger. The outer surface of the ring is made of titanium and coated with tungsten carbide which is said to be resistant to everyday wear and tear. It is 2.4mm sleek and weighs just 2.4 grams. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is equipped with an infrared photoplethysmography (PPG) sensor, a non-contact skin temperature sensor, a 6-axis motion sensor, Red LEDs for heart-rate monitoring and SpO2, and Green and infrared LEDs for heart-rate monitoring. The skin temperature sensor is capable of monitoring the body's physiological states and responses to various factors such as exercise, stress, and illness. There is also a Phase Response Curve (PRC) that reveals the effects of external stimuli like light exposure, food, and exercise mapped to the body's circadian rhythm. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR has a Sleep Index that provides comprehensive sleep results including sleep duration, resting heart rate, and restfulness. There is also a Movement Index that is designed to keep users moving for optimum glucose metabolism and to increase non-exercise energy usage. The wearable device also packs heart-rate variability (HRV) insights to understand the body's recovery capability and readiness daily. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR supports Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity and is compatible with iOS 14 and 6 or above. It is powered by a 24mAh LiPo battery that is claimed to last 6 days on a full charge. 

The Ultrahuman Ring AIR is offered in Matte Black color and costs Rs 24,999 as a part of early-bird offer. It is available for purchase from the company's website. Ultrahuman is also providing trade-in offers for the Ring as well as Oura Gen 2 and Gen 3 rings. 


Via: gizmochina.com

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