UK launches antitrust probe into Apple and Google mobile browsers

and have been at the hub of several investigations this year. British regulator, Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has been on the tail of these companies. According to CMA, it has launched an in-depth investigation into the dominance of and Google. This investigation is specific to their dominance in the mobile browser market.

In June this year, the UK’s CMA conducted a preliminary investigation into the dominance of the two companies in the mobile browser market. At the time, it even asked for the opinions of the public. CMA claims that the results of the consultation show that it needs to conduct in-depth investigations. It needs to check the dominance of and in the mobile browser market. The agency will also check Apple’s restrictions on cloud gaming through its App Store.

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and Google have been reported by several businesses

Sarah Cardell, interim chief executive of the CMA, said in a statement…”Many UK businesses and web developers have told us they are being held back by restrictions from and Google. We will investigate this to assess whether their concerns are justified. If Apple and Google do engage in unfair competitive practices, we will take steps. These steps will improve the environment for competition and innovation.”

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In response, claims that it will engage in a constructive dialogue with the CMA. The company will explain how its practices promote competition and choice while protecting consumer privacy and security. At the moment, there is no official comment from Google. However, back in June, Google claims that it will continue to work with the CMA.

In fact, as early as a year ago, the CMA conducted an investigation of ’s and Google’s operating systems (iOS and Android), application stores (App Store and Play Store), and web browsers (Safari and Chrome). The product exerts too much control over the user.

The CMA said at the time: “ and Google maintain a firm grip on how we use our phones. We fear this will result in a loss of choice for millions of people in the UK.”

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