Twitter Auction: Iconic Twitter Bird Statue sells for $100,000

Twitter hit a new low last week when it sold off some of its office assets through an online auction. The auction was a part of CEO Elon Musk's revival strategies which included paid verification, account reinstatement, changes in rules and regulations, no doxxing, banning links to other selected social apps, ending free meals, and firing more than 70% of the employees. 

The Twitter Office Sale auction was conducted online by Heritage Global Partners, an auction, liquidation, and advisory firm on January 17. The listing included office assets like furniture, an espresso machine, a conference table, logos, and symbols including the iconic blue bird statute. 

The highest bid was placed for the Twitter Blue Bird Statue which sold for a whopping $100000. 

A 190cm unique planter box designed in the shape of the @ symbol fetched $15000

Source HGP

A custom reclaimed wood conference room table was sold for $10,500

One of the biggest losers was the La Marzocco espresso machine which retails for $30,000 but fetched only  $13,500

And one of the biggest winners was the Moulded Plywood Eames Chair by designer Herman Miller which retails for $1195 but was sold for $1400

Other assets on auction included cycle-powered chargings stations, standing desks, Jamboards, designer furniture, and more. 

Twitter made headlines several times for its controversial actions like firing its employees ruthlessly without any notice and declaring war on and other associated firms after Elon Musk announced last November, that the firm was going to cut back on expenses owing to financial difficulties.

This led to the departure of some of the advertisers from Twitter, which in turn led to a massive drop in revenue. Elon Musk said that Twitter's financials were not good, and the firm could even go bankrupt. It was also reported by the New York Times in December that the firm had allegedly stopped paying rent for office spaces used by the company. And now Twitter was looking to recover some money through this auction sale. 




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