This Huawei Camera Technology Can Be a Game Changer

is world-renowned for integrating the most advanced phone camera technologies. And even though it has not wowed many with its recently released phones, it doesn’t mean that Huawei has stopped striving. In fact, the Chinese company has patented loads of camera tech recently.

Among all, one that caught many eyes revolved around a unique phone camera design. But don’t we already have eye-catching camera modules already? Well, the patent is not about uniquely designed camera placements. Instead, it is about making the cameras replaceable. Yes, you read that right!

Can Make Camera Module Customization a Thing!

The new patent is for the phones’ electronic devices and their casing of decorations. In other words, it is about the camera models and their covers. But the main aim of the patent is to customization of the camera models.

But before getting into the details of this new tech, you must know the patent’s key parts. Take a look at the picture below.

As you can see, there are many parts labeled with numbers. So, what does each of the numbers mean? Here’s what they stand for:

Gizchina News of the week

  • The casing decoration (10)
  • Internal decoration (11)
  • Decoration (11)
  • Sealing part (111)
  • Internal surface of the casing (20)
  • The rear part of the inner trim (11)
  • The outer shell (20)
  • Outer trim (12)
  • The outer cover (20)
  • Detachable connection between outer trim (12)
  • Interior components (11)

Explanation of What the Tech Can Offer

The marked picture with texts and numbers may not make much sense. But each of them will play a role. First of all, with the tech in place, you might finally be able to customize the rear camera of smartphones.

Huawei P50

Not only will you get the chance to play with the aesthetics but also the internals. Now, the patent shows that the exterior accessory of the phone is detachable. This could bring trouble to the air-tightness of the internals. But can surely come up with something to fix it. No matter what, we certainly want to see the tech in action!

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