This App Turns an Apple Watch Ultra Into A Diving Computer

The Watch Ultra was unveiled last September alongside the iPhone 14 series, a smartwatch that appeals to professional athletes. One of the first scenes shown during the live stream announcement was the Watch Ultra as it was descending into the water. The display showed ambient water temperature and depth level. Lastly, Apple is announcing the Oceanic+ app for its premium smartwatches, making it a diving computer.

Oceanic+ turns Watch Ultra into dive computer

Watch continues to attract the attention of extreme sports lovers. Of course, there are also divers among them. Oceanic+ was designed by Huish Outdoors in collaboration with Apple. In collaboration with Apple, Oceanic+ was designed by Huish Outdoors and gives divers access to a wealth of relevant information.

The Oceanic+ app turns Watch Ultra into a powerful, easy-to-use dive computer.  Apple, Oceanic+ enables recreational scuba divers to take the watch they wear every day to previously unreachable depths up to 40 meters, or 130 feet, to be exact, with the all-new depth gauge and water temperature sensors on the watch.

The Oceanic+ app on Watch Ultra and the companion app for iPhone provide all of the key features of an advanced dive computer, robust dive planning, and a comprehensive post-dive experience. The app will show divers a warning if they are descending or ascending too quickly and it will show an estimated time it’d take to get back to the surface. This is especially aimed at enabling divers to manage their time more efficiently and reducing the things they need to worry about.

The app will also let divers set compass heading during a dive. There is also a planner that considers tide, temperature, visibility, and currents before going on a dive. Watch face complications can show the wearer no-fly time, surface time, among others. Oceanic+ will use the Taptic Engine and the Watch Ultra’s big bright display to notify the diver of any crucial info during a diving session.

  • Oceanic+ is a free download to try out many of the app’s features
  • If you’d like all the all features, there are daily, monthly, and yearly plans:
    • $4.99/per day
    • $9.99/per month
    • $79.99/per year
    • Family plan for up to 5 – $129.99/year

How to download Oceanic+ Watch Ultra

  • Here is the official Oceanic+ App Store listing
    • The app is exclusively built for Watch Ultra and requires watchOS 9.1 paired with an iPhone 8/SE gen 2 or later running iOS 16.1
  • If you just search “Oceanic” in the App Store without the “+” you may see a different app as the top hit
  • If you search on the App Store on Watch Ultra, make sure to download “Oceanic+ Dive Computer App”



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