The Pro version of ChatGPT will cost you a lot!

The development of ChatGPT's premium version has started. The initial tests claimed that it would be substantially faster. Unfortunately, users can expect a pricey bill.

As anticipated, ChatGPT's free status won't last forever. Building on the popularity of its intelligent chatbot, OpenAI has revealed the release of ChatGPT Professional, a premium version. The start up was still unsure of the subscription pricing at the time of the announcement. It then polled its audience.

Following consultation with its users, OpenAI appears to have decided on a monthly price of 42 dollars. In comparison, this is four times more expensive than the typical Netflix subscription price in the US. Which is $9.99 per month. Additionally, it is far less expensive than a 365 plan, which cost $69.99 annually.

The price of the ChatGPT Pro

A few users now have access to ChatGPT Professional and sharing their experience online. Most people are still unable to get the membership. The test program is probably only available to developers and other AI specialists thanks to OpenAI.

We expect that some customers believe the monthly charge is excessively expensive. After the start of the test phase, complaints started to boil over on OpenAI's official Discord channel. The price for many Internet users is more than anticipated. Obviously, everything relies on the use and needs of each individual.

This is merely an experimental initiative, as our colleagues from The Verge have reported. The final subscription cost may still change, especially in light of the initial users' reactions. OpenAI stated earlier this month that the offer “is subject to change”.

With the free version frequently being overwhelmed, the membership offers a variety of benefits. Many of these pros have already been noted by OpenAI. These benefits include faster responses and a guarantee of availability. Additionally, OpenAI guarantees “first access” to any new features added to its artificial intelligence.

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Incredibly rapid replies

We suggest watching the video posted by Zahid Khawaja, one of the developers featured in the trial software, to fully understand how ChatGPT Pro functions. It is evident that ChatGPT Pro responds much faster than the free version.

A request is immediately met with a response. The process of creating a lengthy text regarding climate change just takes a few seconds. The free version of the chatbot took about ten seconds before beginning to produce sentences. And that when the same request is issued. For extensive use, the time savings are expected to be enormous.

ChatGPT Pro main features

  • Training data: ChatGPT Professional has been trained on a far larger and more varied dataset. It's able to generate more natural, high quality human sounding text.
  • Fine-tuning: In order to maximize its effectiveness in certain scenarios, ChatGPT Professional can be fine tuned with a modest quantity of task specific data.
  • API: By making ChatGPT Pro an API, it becomes much simpler for programmers to include it into their own apps and system.
  • Scale: ChatGPT professional better suits for large scale production applications. Because it can manage a far higher volume of requests than ChatGPT.
  • Performance: As far as text generation and context interpretation go, ChatGPT Pro outperforms ChatGPT.
  • Cost: While ChatGPT is open source and free to the public, ChatGPT Pro requires payment.
  • Support and resources: In addition to the model itself, organizations and companies that invest in ChatGPT Professional have access to resources like documentation, tutorials, and customer support to help them get the model's potential.

In conclusion, ChatGPT Pro is a more powerful version of ChatGPT. It best suits professional environments. It has more advanced features, more data, and better performance, but it also has a price tag. Are the features sufficient to get the subscription plan? Please share with us your feedback in the comments section below.

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