The OnePlus Pad is a OnePlus Tab, Coming February 7

When the 11 goes official on a global scale on February 7 alongside the OnePlus Buds Pro 2, a third device will join the party in select regions. Now confirmed to be the OnePlus Pad, folks who have been hoping that someone outside of would make a decent tablet may have a new option to consider.

announced the OnePlus Pad this morning as a part of the launch event in select countries. They even teased portions of the device in a couple of images and added references to it on OnePlus 11 launch pages. You can see the device at the top of this post.

The crew at TechRadar received additional details about the device from OnePlus, saying that the Pad will have an aluminum alloy body and a cambered frame. There is a single rear camera that is centered on the device’s backside as well as a single selfie camera within the frontside bezel.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the specs from OnePlus. Will this have a top-end Qualcomm chip or something cheaper, like what we’ve seen tossed into OnePlus’ Nord phones? I’ve always believed that a big screen needs a big chip, even if manufacturers disagree with me. I’ve used too many cheap tablets in my day that always disappoint because they lack power to provide a smooth enough experience throughout that many pixels.

According to @onleaks, who shared renders of the device just before could confirm it, we at least know some of the dimensions and that it should look like you are seeing below. This additional report suggests an 11.6″ display with fairly thin bezels and a cutout on the side that could house a stylus.

It looks pretty nice overall in terms of design and that display size would be great for couch usage. Will it come to the US? Eh, I’m not sure I think that it will. I hope it does, but the current signs point to it not coming here, at least at first. Here’s why I think that.

On almost any 11 launch page outside of the US, they mention the OnePlus Pad by name. You’ll see it in India, the UK, France, and the list goes on. But when you look at the US page, there’s a section in place of the OnePlus Pad called “What’s More” that mentions that “Boxes come in all shapes and sizes.” That is likely in reference to the Pad, but because they’ve tried to keep it a secret of sorts, my guess is that you’ll see it announced and not given much additional info for North America. Hopefully I’m wrong.

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