The Galaxy S22 Ultra is $250 Off Right Now

kicked off a Memorial Day sale this week that offers the biggest straight discounts on the Galaxy S22 line we’ve seen so far. While previous deals focused on trade-ins, these current promos are all about cash off for those who maybe don’t have something good to trade.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22+ are both $250 off right now. You don’t have to do anything special to get that discount either. No trade-ins required. None of those shady carrier contracts are here. This is a $250-off price drop on ’s two best phones.

At $250 off, the Galaxy S22 Ultra with 128GB starts at $949 and the Galaxy S22+ starts at $749. If you’d like to double the storage to 256GB, you’ll have to add on another $50.

Should you want an even bigger discount, you can still trade-in a phone. The days of $900 trade-in values are probably gone, but will still give you $640 off instantly (today!) for a Galaxy S21 Ultra or $630 for a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Those aren’t bad values by any means and are still probably better than you’ll get from other places, on top of the fact that it’s an instant discount, not a pay-you-back-later thing.

Need Galaxy S22 reviews to help you make a decision? The Galaxy S22 Ultra review is here, plus Tim just wrote up newer thoughts on the Galaxy S22+, which he loves.

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