Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory Gears Up for Global EV Market Leadership

According to a tweet from Tesla, the company’s production of the Model Y at its Berlin Gigafactory has reached 3,000 units per week. This marks a significant increase in production capacity since the Gigafactory opened in March 2022 and reached 1,000 units per week in June and 2,000 units per week in October.

Tesla’s Model Y production at Berlin Gigafactory surpasses 3,000 units per week

Tesla’s production of the Model Y at its Berlin Gigafactory has surpassed 3,000 units per week, according to a tweet from the official Tesla account. The Berlin Gigafactory opened on March 22, 2022 and reached a weekly production of 1,000 Model Y units in mid-June and 2,000 units in early October.

Recently, Tesla also announced that its factory in Austin, Texas is producing 3,000 Model Y units per week. The rapid increase in production capacity at the Berlin and Texas Gigafactories, along with capacity upgrades at the California and Shanghai Gigafactories, has led to a decrease in backlogged orders for Tesla.

According to analyst Troy Teslike, Tesla’s global electric vehicle order backlog has been steadily decreasing in recent months and was down to 190,000 units as of November 30, 2022. This is reportedly equivalent to approximately 44 days of production capacity.

In October, Tesla released its third quarter vehicle production and delivery numbers for 2022. The data showed that the company produced 366,000 vehicles and delivered 344,000, an increase of over 100,000 vehicles compared to the same period the previous year, but still below analyst expectations.

During the third quarter, Tesla produced 365,923 new vehicles, with 345,988 of those being Model 3 and Model Y and 199,35 being Model S and Model X. In terms of deliveries, Tesla delivered 343,830 new vehicles, with 325,158 being Model 3 and Model Y and 18,672 being Model S and Model X.

In terms of production and delivery, Tesla’s performance in the third quarter was impacted by the global semiconductor shortage and logistics challenges, but the company is working to increase production and delivery capacity. The rapid increase in Model Y production at the Berlin and Texas Gigafactories is a positive sign for Tesla’s production capabilities.



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