Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is Back on Sale, Ensuring Harm-Free Fun for Kids

Tesla continues to expand its product lineup. While the company prepares for Cybertruck deliveries starting on November 30th, it is also reintroducing its first and only product designed for children, and this time without the risk of causing harm. The mini-ATV, Tesla Cyberquad, priced at $1,900, is now available on the company’s online store. Here are the details…

Tesla Cyberquad for Kids is Back on Sale With Safety Upgrades

Children’s safety is a major concern to every parent, but their happiness is equally important. This often leads parents to shower their children with gifts. However, these gifts can sometimes pose certain risks, as seen with the $1,900 Tesla Cybertruck mini ATV. Upon its release, the vehicle drew criticism from the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States. The CPSC cited concerns about the vehicle’s mechanical suspension quality, maximum tire pressure, and the lack of adequate safety information for young drivers.

However, Elon Musk was reluctant to part with this vehicle that garnered intense interest from parents. Consequently, he re-released the product with minor modifications under the code Model 915. Initially, the company increased the use of metal in the overall structure of the vehicle, thereby enhancing its durability. Additionally, the Tesla Cyberquad, previously stated to be suitable for the 8-12 age group, had its age suitability revised to 9-12.

Additionally, extra warnings related to the vehicle have been added to the Cyberquad for young drivers. Tire pressure alerts and suspension enhancements are also included in this revised version. Of course, it’s still a vehicle designed for children, equipped with a 500-watt motor and a maximum speed of no more than 16 kilometers per hour. When fully charged, the vehicle lasts approximately five hours and can cover a distance of 24 kilometers. For those of you aged 12 and older who are hoping for a regular version, there’s good news! The Tesla Cyberquad will soon be available with a special version for adults. Hopefully, it will be as “safe” as the second version designed for children.



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