Switch Pro: Nintendo could launch its next console in 2024

With the popularity of its portable platform, Nintendo is in fact planning for the future with the launch of the Switch Pro. In order to begin production of its next-generation console, the Japanese company reportedly contacted various suppliers, according to a recent Nikkei report. At least 2024 would pass before the release.

It’s as though you don’t know what to think. The Switch Pro has been the subject of widespread speculation for a number of years, but especially after 2021. When Nintendo eventually let us down by revealing an OLED Switch instead, we believed the wait was finally over. The speculations persisted over the following year. And by the latest reports, the Japanese company had given up on the project.

However, it does not follow that another console will never succeed the Nintendo Switch. Even while success is still present, the latter already has an excellent lifespan (which does not escape criticism) and one day the small console will be too old to truly be able to compete with its rivals.

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Switch Pro: Nintendo is now getting ready to release its upcoming console

In fact, a recent Nikkei report claims that the firm is already at work on the project. After mentioning the Switch’s strong sales figures, the Japanese media reports that Nintendo has begun talks with a number of suppliers in order to begin manufacturing its upcoming consoles.

So, should you switch to the switch pro? I’m not sure. There are so many rumors around the console that one can only assume it was once packaged by Nintendo. The project, however, could be delayed due to component scarcity because it is not yet coherent with the market. Therefore, the company may have chosen to go ahead and delay its launch.

We won’t know any further details for now. This renowned console won’t debut until the second half of 2024, according to Nikkei.

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