Stuffcool ChargeCube Mini Power Strip With Three AC Sockets, 30W Type-C Port Launched In India

Stuffcool recently launched the Ally 10,000mAh powerbank in India. The homegrown brand known for its cool-looking accessories has launched a new charging device. It is the ChargeCube Mini Power Strip. As the name suggests, it has a compact design making it travel-friendly as well as saving space on the desk. The ChargeCube is capable of outputting power to five devices at once. Read on to know more about it below. 

Stuffcool ChargeCube Mini Power Strip specifications and features

Dimension-wise, the Stuffcool ChargeCube Mini Power Strip measures 120x100x32.5mm and weighs 36 grams. It can be placed on a desk with four tacks that can hold it firmly or also mounted on the wall or any other surface with wall hanging sockets. The power strip comes with a 1.5m long AC cable. Additionally, the brand claims that each port has a locking mechanism ensuring that the plugs will not fall off from the socket once plugged in. 

The Stuffcool ChargeCube Mini Power Strip is BIS-certified and features a Surge Protector for safeguarding devices and users from power fluctuations. The power strip is equipped with three evenly spaced sockets that can be used to plug in devices such as monitors, printers, music systems, WiFi routers, and lamps. The company warns that the device is not suitable for heavy appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, and washing machines that require 15A sockets. The ChargeCube has a total power output of 1500W. 

There is also a Type-C and Type-A port on the side of the power strip that are capable of delivering a maximum of 30W and 18W power output respectively. The Type-C port is also compatible with fast charging protocols like PD and PPS. This way, users can charge their M1/M2-powered MacBooks and other gadgets without using the AC socket. 

The Stuffcool ChargeCube Mini Power Strip carries a price tag of Rs 2,499. It is offered in White color and can be purchased from the brand's website starting today. 



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