Sony WF-C700N Leaked: Cheap TWS Buds Are Getting Very Exciting!

Sony is expected to bring brand-new TWS earbuds to the market soon. No, it might not be the high-end WF-1000XM5 that previously leaked. Instead, it will likely be the Sony WF-C700N, the successor to the budget-friendly WF-C500. However, according to the latest reports, the new WF-C700N will not be just another average pair of TWS.

Instead, Sony is expected to shake things in the budget-friendly TWS market with the release of WF-C700N. Wondering how? Well, the Sony WF-C500N buds were launched with a $110 price tag. And the new WF-C700N is expected to have the same or close pricing. But at that price, the new buds will bring a lot of high-end features.

Sony WF-C700N Leaked Features

According to a Sony fan site, The Walkman Blog, the new Sony WF-C700N will come with Active Noise Cancellation. Yes, you read that right. Active Noise Cancellation is a budget offering from Sony. Does that sound a little bit familiar to you? Well, you might be thinking about the recently released WH-CH720N.

That was a pair of budget-friendly headphones that offered high-end features. In fact, people compare it against the flagship WH-1000XM5 headphones. And the case might be the same for the Sony WF-C700N. That is, the new buds will be compared to the currently available WF-1000XM4 series flagship earphones.

Sony WH-CH720N

Nonetheless, the leak from The Walkman Blog also confirmed that the Sony WF-C700N would come with Bluetooth 5.2. Looking back, the Sony WF-C500N came with Bluetooth 5.0. That means that the new pair of buds will offer an upgrade in terms of the wireless range and connection stability.

Sony WF-C700N buds colors
Leaked Sony WF-C700N

There were no clear indications regarding the supported codecs, though. However, the Sony WF-C500F buds were limited to SBC and AAC codecs. But as Sony brought support for LDAC in the budget-friendly WH-CH720N headphones, there’s a chance of the same happening with the Sony WF-C700N.

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Design, Battery Life, and Color Options

A brand-new leak from Roland Quandt shed light on the color options and design of the Sony WF-C700N. As per the last leak suggested, the new buds would stick with the same design as the WF-C500N. Well, the claim seems to be pretty valid, as the new leak has just confirmed it.

Still, having the same design as the WF-C500N is not a bad thing at all. That pair of buds were pretty comfortable for the price. And the WF-C700N might improve on it by adding better silicone tips inside the box. The case will also be the same for the charging case, which, again, is not a bad thing. WF-C500N came with a very pocket-friendly charging case.

Sony WF-C700N buds colors
Leaked Sony WF-C700N buds colors

In addition to that, the new leak offered us color options info of the Sony WF-C700N. As per the pictures, at least four colors will be available. Those are white, blue, green, and green. But unlike the WF-C500N, the charging case of the WF-C700N appears to have a non-transparent lid.

Sony WF-C700N colors
Leaked Sony WF-C700N case colors

Besides that, the previous leak revealed some important info about the battery life of the WF-C700N. That is, Sony will install a different-sized battery inside the new buds. According to the FCC filing, it will be 7x3x2cm in size. That raises the hopes of getting more runtime from the brand-new affordable buds.

However, you can not forget the fact that the WF-C700N will come with ANC. So, even with a large-sized battery, the battery life might be comparable with the WF-C500N. And that offered up to 20 hours of run time with the charging case included, which is not a bad battery life rating at all.

Overall, things are looking pretty good for the WF-C700N. If Sony keeps the price tag close or the same as the WF-C500N, it will be a great addition to the list of the best cheap ANC earbuds.

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