Sony Patent Confirms the Existence of a New PlayStation 5 Model (PS5 Pro?)

So, there are two different versions of PlayStation 5 available out there. Depending on your preference, you can get the Sony PS5 Digital Edition or the regular edition. But since last year, we have been hearing about a new PS5 model that will come with a detachable disc.

Past rumors have also suggested that the new PlayStation 5 model will come out in late 2023. However, none of them came with proper evidence. Well, today, a new patent from Sony came to light. And the patent kind of confirms that a new PS5 model is indeed in the works.

Patent of PlayStation 5 With Optical Disk Drive Becomes Public

The patent that’s the highlight of this discussion was filled by Sony Interactive Entertainment back in 2020. Thanks to Segment Next, the patent regarding an optical disc drive has become public today. Yes, the patent is very old and could refer to the disc drive that the regular PlayStation 5 model has.

If you take a closer look, the disc drive of the patent is markedly different than another patent from 2020. The latter clearly shows the disc drive of the current PlayStation 5 model. Considering that, the newly discovered could definitely be for a detachable disc drive that would be compatible with a new PS5 model.

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Now, there’s no concrete info regarding whether the new PlayStation 5 model will be a revamped PS5 or PS5 Pro. Previous rumors have suggested that Sony will launch a new PS5 model with a D chassis and detachable disc drive compatibility in the coming September. The new patent might be for that model.


On the other hand, Sony is rumored to be working on the PlayStation 5 Pro, which could come out in late 2024. We do not know much about the Pro model other than the fact that it will feature improved ray tracing performance.

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