Some Samsung Galaxy S23 Users Struggle with Android Auto Issues

The Galaxy S23 series was recently unveiled at the Unpacked event, and One UI 5.1 was also launched along with the smartphones. However, as always, new hardware and software come with some errors. It looks like Auto is stalling out for some Galaxy S23 owners. Here are the details…

Galaxy S23 Users Encounter Auto Issues

The sales of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series have started. As expected, the performance and capabilities of the phones are at a flagship level. However, some users are reporting issues with the Auto feature. According to reports on Reddit and support forums, some Galaxy S23 users are having trouble syncing their devices with their cars wirelessly, and Bluetooth pairing is automatically failing after the vehicle is disabled.

Some users are also reporting missing permissions that prevent their phones from connecting properly. It should be noted that this issue does not affect all Galaxy S23 users. While many people report being able to use all features without any problems, a substantial number of users are experiencing issues. This suggests that the problem may be related to the software. Additionally, this is not the first time that Samsung has faced issues with Auto.

The Galaxy S22 series had similar complaints when it was launched last year, with issues related to wired and wireless connections leading to a black image on in-car displays. Although a fix was rolled out on beta channels in May, it took until August for the patch to reach all affected devices. It is unclear what is causing the issues with Auto on the Galaxy S23 series, but it is hoped that both Samsung and will work to resolve the issue quickly.

It would be beneficial for Samsung to act promptly on this issue, particularly considering the high price of the phone. When users pay a premium price for an exceptional experience, they may choose to switch to another brand for their next phone if their expectations are not met. Currently, one of Samsung’s most significant challenges is flagship sales.

Although the company is a leader in entry-level and mid-range models, it falls behind Apple in premium phone sales. Regrettably, these problems with their new models, and possible delays in fixing them, will only exacerbate the situation for the South Korean tech giant.




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