Smartphone cameras continue to advance as software drives innovation in new directions

Smartphone cameras have come a long way in terms of photography capabilities compared to digital cameras. A webinar hosted by Counterpoint Research revealed that the imaging system continues steep advances as software drives innovation in a new direction. Honor, DXOMARK, Qualcomm, and Eugenio Recuenco were the guests of the webinar and it focused on various topics like smartphone camera trends, OEM imaging comparisons, and more. 

The report states that at the upper end of the market flagship camera counts are flattening, focal lens lengths are been stretched and image processing demands are pushing chipset makers. Since 2019, the average number of camera counts per smartphone is below three. OEMs like Honor are adopting sophisticated computational photography techniques to keep up with the pace of advancement. 

Beyond megapixels and camera counts, there is an increasing importance of software in camera systems. They offer features like multi-frame and multi-camera fusion techniques. Qualcomm VP says that software and algorithm-based photography means processing power is paramount for smartphone camera performance to deliver extreme image signal and neural processing. 

DXOMARK’s Director says that Honor’s Magic4 Ultimate makes the best use of multi-camera fusion computational photography. 



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