Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear Unboxing & First Impressions

At the beginning of this month, Just Corseca announced Skyraptor Smart Eyewear and Pro Smart Eyewear. I thought I should try this device because I was curious about what low-cost smart glasses could do. So, I used the Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear for over 10 days, and here are my first impressions about it.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear: What’s in the box?

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear

The retail package of the Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear includes the following items:

  • Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
  • Charging cable

I felt that the brand should have provided a carry case or a sleeve in the retail package.

Comfort and Controls

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear (left frame)

The Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear has a thick frame made of ABS material. Since it has an IPX rating, it is protected from damage by rain and sweat. The spectacles look trendy and will go well with casual outfits.

Each handle has a power on/off button, a charging point, a light indicator, a microphone, and a speaker. Long pressing either power button will turn the device on or off. Double pressing the left side button will increase the volume, and pressing the same button three times will play the previous song. In the same way, double pressing the right button will decrease the volume, and pressing it three times will play the next song.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear (right frame)
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear (right frame)

After phone calls, one needs to press either the left or right button to answer the call. A long press on either button terminates the call. Long pressing any of the buttons during an incoming call will reject it. To increase the volume during a call, one needs to double-press the left button and to decrease it, the right button needs to be double-pressed.

Lastly, to access the voice assistant, one can press either of the buttons for a second.

During my use of Just Corseca’s Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear, I experienced no discomfort or pain in my nose or behind the back of my ears.

User Experience

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear (front)
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear (front)

The Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear has a pair of open-ear speakers, meaning it does not have earbuds that can be inserted inside the ears. In addition, it has a pair of omnidirectional microphones placed on each handle. The speakers are visible only when the eyewear is placed upside down.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear

Readers should note that since it is equipped with open-ear speakers, the audio will be discreetly audible to others who are very near to the user. Hence, when a song or video is played, the sound will be audible to others. The same thing applies to phone calls, and the experience is similar to Bluetooth voice calling on a smartwatch or talking to someone on speaker mode on a smartphone. However, the audio is more audible to the person wearing the Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear than to others.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear comes with support for Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Once paired, it can be used for calls and listening to music. I did not face any hiccups in connectivity when pairing with my Galaxy S22 Ultra and iPad Pro. It can be paired with only one device at a time.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear

The company claims that the Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear is equipped with UV400 lenses. The lenses are removable, which means users can add their own prescription glasses to the smart eyewear. As far as built-in lenses are concerned, Just Corseca claims that they are scratch-resistant polarised lenses that are meant to reduce glare and enhance visibility. When it comes to UV protection, the UV400 offers 99 percent protection against harsh sunlight (99 percent UVA and UVB). It can be worn indoors as it cuts down harmful blue light by 35 percent while working on a PC / phone or watching movies.

The Skyraptor Pro smart eyewear is powered by a pair of 100mAh batteries. Each handle houses a battery. Charging can be done using the magnetic charging cable provided in the package. The charging cable bifurcates into two wires, each with a magnetic charging pin. In order to charge the device, one magnetic pin needs to be connected to the left handle, and another one is required to be connected to the right handle.

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear

It takes around 2 hours to charge the Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear. Once charged, it can last for up to 6 hours. It goes without saying that once the battery runs out, it can be used as regular sunglasses or spectacles. To save on the battery, one can either turn on only the right or left frame of the device.

The Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear offers 60ms Bluetooth connectivity. So, I did not experience any lag while watching movies or listening to music.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, the brand is also offering a non-pro version called the Skyraptor Smart Eyewear. Here is a look at the differences between the two models:

Specifications Skyraptor Smart Eyewear Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Bluetooth V5.0 (Calling and Music) V5.0 (Calling and Music)
Speakers 8Ω / 0.6W (left and right temple) 8Ω / 0.6W (left and right temple)
Microphone Single (right temple) Dual (right temple)
Battery 120mAh (Auto power off) 110mAh * 2 (with auto power off)
Playback time Up to 5 Hours Up to 7 Hours
Charging port Micro USB (Right temple) Magnetic (Right temple)
Control buttons V-/ Prev | V+/Next | Power (right temple) Single button on each temple to change tracks, answer calls, adjust volume
Lens Material Sunglass UV400 lenses

Price and Availability

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear
Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear

Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear can be purchased through Just Corseca’s online store and Flipkart. On the official website, it is listed for Rs 5,499 (~$67), whereas Flipkart is selling it for Rs 5,699 (~$70). It comes in black only. The company is providing a 1-year warranty for the buyers of Skyraptor Pro Smart Eyewear.



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