Samsung’s June Update for Galaxy S23 Brings the Camera Improvements

is beginning to roll out its June update to the Galaxy S23 series devices globally, and with it now being downloaded and installed by users, we're seeing reports that this update brings some significant improvements.

As noted, the changelog includes a new 2x zoom for the camera's native Portrait Mode, a fix for an auto focus issue that users were experiencing, as well as a change in Night Mode processing. Extending beyond the camera, users are also reporting improved haptics, plus an overall smoother One UI experience.

The update weighs in at about 2.2GB, labeled as version AWF1. My S23 Ultra is currently on AWC9, so I'll just sit here and wait patiently.

Once we see this update start hitting US carrier devices (or US unlocked units), we'll let you know. Our best guess is that it will hit our phones any day now.

// SamMobile | @theonecid


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