Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with 1TB of storage

According to a fresh report, may be ready to offer data hunters precisely what they want with the forthcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4, which will provide a large storage option.

’s flagship folding phone, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, is the next iteration. While various facts regarding its general specifications have surfaced, a new leak from SamMobile claims that the top-end model would feature 1TB of storage.

This isn’t the first time has introduced a phone with 1TB of storage, with the Galaxy S22 Ultra serving as the most notable example. Nonetheless, considering how much it raises the price of the phone, phones with that much storage are very unusual in the ecosystem.

There are no microSD slots on any of ’s folding devices, and the Fold 4 is likely to follow likewise. For power users, this would make the 1TB option desirable. For the record, none of Samsung’s prior foldables have had storage capacities more than 512GB.

The storage leak for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 offers good news for data hounds

We know nothing regarding the prospective price of a 1TB variant, as SamMobile points out. The latest Galaxy Z Fold 3 512GB model costs $1,899. A 1TB variant might cost up to $1,999, making it one of the most costly smartphones available.

is banking big on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 foldable smartphones, which will be released this year. However, it’s possible that the Korean behemoth may release an entirely new model with a flexible screen.

According to rumors, the model will be part of the Galaxy A series, which is a bit weird. There is also the Galaxy Z Fold Lite variant, which we are discussing.

Such a scenario is plausible, given that the cost of producing such gadgets for will have decreased by that time. At the same time, if we’re talking about the clamshell form factor; we can only speculate on what pricing range the conditional Galaxy A Fold or Galaxy A Flip might fall into. At the very least, the initial reports about an inexpensive smartphone in this physical factor surfaced a few years ago.

In fact, rumors about a cheaper flexible smartphone have been circulating for a couple of years; but so far the company has not presented anything like this; and it is not a fact that it needs such a model now; given the excellent sales of the same Flip3 with a price of $ 1,000.

But perhaps the time has come to expand the line. Be that as it may, so far these are just rumors from sources whose reliability cannot be verified; so the information should be treated accordingly.

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