Samsung will also equip its smartphones with satellite connection

Soon, will equip its Galaxy smartphones with a satellite communication system. In any case, Ricciolo, a very active Twitter insider, says this. The industry leaker has been around for a while. He has struck the target multiple times by revealing details months on devices before they are officially announced.

Thus, the South Korean company would emulate and Huawei. On its iPhone 14, the Californian manufacturer has launched a feature dubbed “Emergency SOS through satellite.” By connecting to satellites, this feature enables you to transmit messages in case of emergency. The user can reach a rescue even if their iPhone has no Wi-Fi or a cellular network. The United States and Canada are the only countries now using this method.

A similar mechanism has been previously available in the Mate 50s. The service, which is only available in China, allows users to connect to Baidu satellites. In order to send an emergency SMS or disclose their location.

Will the Galaxy S23 have a satellite connection?

In these circumstances, the Galaxy S23, ’s next flagship smartphone, is the center of attention. The company would launch the range somewhere in February 2023. According to the most recent leaks, which is consistent with its pattern.

So, will need to work with a business that owns a satellite constellation. In order to provide a satellite connection on its phones. has been in touch with Globalstar, a US business that runs 85 satellites in low Earth orbit. The National Space Administration of China has deployed Beidou. It’s a Chinese equivalent to GPS, and Huawei has opted to link to it.

Who could look to as a partner is still absolutely unclear. The South Korean group could also work with SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, to build up the system.

Prior to the arrangement with Globalstar, SpaceX has also disclosed through its CEO that “promising negotiations” have occurred with Apple. Additionally, one of the main US telecommunications providers, T-Mobile, and SpaceX just debuted a satellite communications service. Mobile phone technology appears to be of particular relevance to Elon Musk’s business.

Finally, we should remind you that has promised to allow SMS and satellite calls in 14. It’s the next operating system upgrade of the company. So, one of the upcoming smartphone industry trends may be satellite communication.

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