Samsung Week Deals Include $800 Off Galaxy S23 Ultra, $1K Off Z Fold 5 With Trade-In

Samsung is celebrating its 54th anniversary with a 10 day-long stretch of deals, ranging from big savings on mobile devices to deals on TVs and home appliances. Given what we typically cover, we’ll stick to the mobile stuff.

Samsung’s list of promotions for Samsung Week includes up to $300 off certified renewed Galaxy S22 lineup devices, $800 off the Galaxy S23 Ultra and $1000 off Galaxy Z Fold 5 with proper trade-ins, as well as 20% off the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf.

In order to get the best trade-in offer, you can rest assured that you’ll need a very good device, such as a newer iPhone or newer Galaxy device. However, all trade-ins appear to have enhanced values during this time, so it’s not a bad time to take advantage.

Just as a heads up, it wouldn’t be a bad time look at a new Samsung appliance either. Have fun browsing the deals.

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