Samsung Tops Off Galaxy S22 Ultra Trade-In Deal With $100 Bonus Credit

You have to wonder how long plans to keep this up, but at the moment, Samsung has further sweetened the deal you’ll find on its new Galaxy S22 line. On top of the bloated trade-in values that we love, they are now offering a bonus credit up to $100 to spend on accessories.

If you head over to ’s shop and buy either a Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S22+, you’ll see a $100 bonus credit to apply towards all sorts of products. The Galaxy S22 gets a $50 credit.

Some of these accessories are already on sale, like the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. When buying a Galaxy S22 device, is dropping $105 off the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic to start, so with the $100 credit applied you could walk away with your new phone and a Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for $144. The Galaxy Watch 4 can be had for as little as $75.

There are other accessory bundles too, as well as straight discounts on Galaxy Buds products, cases, chargers, and more. Below is a preview image of some of those deals.

As I mentioned above, is still doing their trade-in thing too. If you own a Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung will hand you $850 off a Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy S22+ today. With that instant discount, a Galaxy S22 Ultra costs as little as $350. We’ve talked about ’s trade-in program a lot already, so if you have questions, check out this post.

To recap, is still offering up insane trade-in prices that get you a discount today, along with bonus credits up to $100 that bring already-discounted items like the Galaxy Watch 4 to under $100. It’s a good day to buy Samsung’s newest phones.


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