Samsung to make all entry-level models support 5G network

After the commercialization of the network back in 2019, many mobile phones now support this network. In the first few years, 5G was limited to flagship mobile phones. However, as several months passed, several mid-range mobile phones now support 5G network. Nevertheless, not many entry-level mobile phones can boast of supporting 5G network. All these will change before the end of next year as even top brands now have plans to release several entry-level mobile phones. There are reports that plans to include support for its entry-level models.

In the past year, more countries and regions have popularized networks. has also begun to introduce support for in entry-level models. The goal is to make all models support a 5G network. However, compared to 4G LTE models, Samsung has “streamlined” some of the 5G models.

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Take the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A13 LTE as examples. Although the 5G models support 5G networks and are equipped with faster processors, they have lower screen resolutions than LTE models and fewer rear cameras.

’s adjustments to various entry-level models such as the Galaxy A32 can be seen. Although Samsung will equip it with faster processors and support 5G networks and will use 5G as the default option for entry-level models, the configuration of parts such as screens and cameras will be reduced to reduce costs.

Samsung, to reduce mobile phone production

A recent report reveals that large mobile phone brands like  and are set to reduce their production. According to Taiwan Economic Daily, the global mobile phone industry has a serious inventory this year. Not only have sales declined, but giants have also started to reduce production. These large brands are doing all they can to reduce market risks, and accelerate the speed of destocking. Analysts predict that due to factors such as slowing economic growth, inflation, and the epidemic this year, global mobile phone shipments will only be 1.26 billion units. This is a year-on-year (YoY) decline of 6.8%. Next year, global mobile phone shipments will be about 1.327 billion units, a YoY increase of 5.2%.

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