Samsung tipped to launch new 50W/45W chargers alongside the upcoming Galaxy S24 series

is gearing up for the launch of the Galaxy S24 series and the tech giant could also launch a few new chargers alongside the S24 lineup. Two new chargers are reportedly being set for unveiling although these are not expected to be bundled together with the S24 models. The first charger is believed to deliver 50W power with its two USB-C ports. The second charger delivers 45W output and is an updated version of the Samsung 45W adapter.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. The launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup is rumored to take place on January 17, 2024, with the Galaxy S24 Ultra the pick of the pack. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will reportedly come with a flat-screen and some upgraded cameras. It is also rumored that the Galaxy S24 Ultra will be more expensive than its other siblings.

Samsung has continued to offer chargers for its smartphones separately for a few years now. The details about the upcoming new Samsung fast chargers were provided by WinFuture journalist, Roland Quandt via X (formerly Twitter). The first charger is reportedly the Samsung Duo 50W for fast wired USB-C charging. The second 45W charger is reportedly a refreshed version of the current Samsung 45W charger. Both upcoming Samsung chargers fall below the expectations of customers who are yearning for higher-capacity chargers for the S24 lineup in the range of 65W to 100W.

The new Samsung 45W charger will expectedly come with improvements over its predecessor but it is unclear what areas of improvement have been made. Possible improvements could relate to its heat management system, performance, form factor, and also its price. It is also reported that the Samsung Galaxy S24 base model will not be compatible with the new 45W charger. This is because the smartphone is tipped to offer only 25W charging.



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