Samsung Sets High Bar for Budget Phones With $199 Galaxy A14

Not that long ago, budget phones weren't something we discussed here at all. They used to bore us and we decided to stick to discussing more high-end and premium devices. At that time, there was more of them. These days, the herd of options is thinning, which brings us to 's new Galaxy A14, a new budget phone that certainly delivers more than one might expect from that category.

For specs, the Galaxy A14 features a 6.6-inch FHD+ display with a refresh rate of 90Hz, octa-core processor, triple rear-camera system (50MP + 2MP + 2MP), 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, headphone jack, 5,000mAh battery with Fast Charging, readiness, and 13.

All of that can be yours for the price of $199 starting January 13. That doesn't seem too shabby, especially the 90Hz refresh rate, which even 's more expensive Pixel A line is only now picking up in 2023. It's impressive what Samsung can do for $199, but obviously, your storage and RAM situation is a little limited, plus you'll be on a MediaTek chipset. Sacrifices do need to be made after all.

This phone goes on sale later this month. Not too bad.


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