Samsung Keyboard App Updated to Help You Type Better on Your Galaxy Device

We prefer replacing the stock Keyboard app with ’s Gboard app and with good reason. The app isn’t known for its typing accuracy, and text correction doesn’t live up to the expectations either. Samsung does update the app regularly, though. So, in one of the recent updates, the South Korean electronics major has attempted to make amends.

To ’s credit, its Keyboard app is the best at adapting to unique screen form factors such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3. An update rolling out for the app this week has a rather extensive changelog:

“Get your spelling and grammar corrected when writing English sentences.

  • The “Suggest Text Corrections” feature, provided from ONE UI 4.0, has been improved to be even smarter.
  • A feature to turn the setting on or off by app is provided.
  • Turn it off when you are using chatting apps with friends, and turn it on when you are using apps in which you write long sentences.

We adjusted the parts that varied by country to match as much as possible.

  • The parts that varied by country, such as settings, symbols, language change buttons, etc., have been adjusted to be the same. You can now find the same Keyboard on Galaxy phones purchased abroad.
  • If you want to use the previous layout, set it by going to “Previous Keyboard” in “ Keyboard Settings > Layout > Key and Special Character Layout.”

Thanks to detailed explanations from our customers, we were able to improve typos that occurred often when using specific keys.

For the Clipboard, the following issues have been additionally corrected.

  • The inconvenience of the Clipboard being deleted at once has been fixed.

When deleting everything, “Include pinned items” is displayed so that you can choose to delete pinned Clipboards as well.

  • The issue with the Clipboard text not being visible when setting the theme or Dark Mode has been fixed.
  • The issue with the duplicate toast pop-ups saying “This has been copied to the Clipboard” or “This item has already been copied” has been fixed.
  • The issue with the Clipboard not being added intermittently in some carrier services has been fixed.
  • The issue with the Paste function not working after abnormal termination of the Note app has been fixed.
  • An update has been made so that the order of “pinned” items do not change arbitrarily when re-entering the Clipboard.
  • An update has been made so that the status of the last viewed Clipboard (More or Close) can be maintained.

These updates may vary depending on the update schedules by model.”

To give you an executive summary of the update, it has three key highlights. The keyboard’s Grammarly integration finally gets some customization options. You can control in which apps the integration affects the text suggestions.

Additionally, a new layout option lets you switch between two layouts — default and alternative. It allows you to use a different layout for something like another language or a configuration with a different currency symbol.

Lastly, the update says some frequent typos have been fixed after taking user feedback into account. You can take these new updates for a spin from the Galaxy Store app on your device or from a third-party APK aggregator website.

Tell us what you think of the new Keyboard app update in the comments section below.

[Via SamMobile]


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