Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Received an Update Fixing More Than 80 Vulnerabilities

security patches are updates to the Android operating system that address security vulnerabilities. These patches are released regularly by and other Android manufacturer to ensure that devices remain secure. The patches fix a variety of vulnerabilities, ranging from bugs in the operating system itself to issues with specific apps. In addition to fixing security vulnerabilities, Android security patches can also include performance improvements and bug fixes. Lastly, pusher December security patch for Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Gets December 2022 security Update That Xixes More Than 80 Vulnerabilities

is currently rolling out the December security patch for the unlocked version of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 foldable in the US. This update follows Google’s release of the same patch for its Pixel phone lineup. The patch, which weighs around 400MB, will also be available for carrier-specific versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the coming days.

’s latest security patch for the foldable superphone includes more than 60 high-risk vulnerabilities and five critical vulnerabilities and exposures. The patch also includes over a dozen Galaxy-specific fixes. It is important to update your device with this patch as soon as possible to protect against these security vulnerabilities.

In addition to addressing security vulnerabilities, ’s latest patch for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 also includes bug fixes and improvements. The patch does not include any new features, as One UI 5 and 13 were recently released for a number of Samsung devices. It is typical for monthly patches to include bug fixes and improvements without introducing new features.

has been delivering major updates quickly in recent years. The company took just a couple of months to release the One UI 5/Android 13 update, compared to previous release times that could take twice as long or longer. The One UI 5 update has been well-received, with improved fluidity of the interface being a standout feature. It is expected that the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and older Samsung flagship devices will receive the latest security patch soon.




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