Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Encounter Screen Problems Yet Again

Although foldable smartphone technology continues to develop, significant progress has not yet been made in terms of durability. Unfortunately, the mechanism required for folding the phone and the ultra-thin OLED display exacerbate the problem. Aware of this situation, sells the phone with a one-year warranty in countries where there is no legal obligation. However, recent reports from customers suggest that some Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 screens are appearing to fail just outside the warranty period, making the situation worse. Here are the details…

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Users Report Screen Failures Outside of Warranty Period

Some Galaxy Z Fold 3 users have reported that their foldable inner screens have failed just outside of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty period. Reports suggest that the screens have died for no apparent reason. Users say that there was no impact, they only heard a cracking sound when they folded the phone to close it. Just a crack appearing along the hinge, killing the display.

The duration of use of the affected devices is quite variable. For example, one of the broken phones was purchased only three months ago, while another was used for a year without any issues. Users whose screens of Galaxy Z Fold 3 were broken contacted the company. Allegedly, Samsung said it would fix the display for $700-800, which is almost 70% of the original cost of the phone.

There are also reports of a similar issue in customer reviews on the product page of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on ’s website. In a recent live stream, tech YouTuber Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips (LTT) showed his Fold 3’s inner display cracking while briefly discussing foldable phones and their hardware issues. It should be noted that the reported screen breakage is only a claim at this time. It is unknown if the users did anything to cause damage to the phone. However, this is not the first time that Samsung’s foldable phones have encountered issues.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3
Borken Galaxy Z Fold 3

There were also problems with the first generation Fold and Flip models. Despite ’s claims that the phone should be able to withstand several years of use, this may not be the case. People who purchased Samsung Care Plus, a warranty extension of sorts, are likely still in the clear, but anyone buying such an expensive phone shouldn’t have to live with the anxiety of display failure.




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