Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Gets Android 13-Based One UI 5 Beta

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Galaxy Z Fold 2 Gets 13-Based One UI 5 Beta

BY Ronil

Published 20 Oct 2022



Not so long ago, the Galaxy S21 and S20 series received 13-based One UI 5 beta, and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 tagged along. Recently, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 joined the party with their first One UI 5 Beta release. And now, the Galaxy Fold 2 gets the same treatment, so if you have one sitting around, you can try out its first One UI 5 beta.

It’s currently rolling out for South Korean units but should reach the masses shortly after. The beta program is open for both phones from carriers and SIM-free for folks in Korea. To enroll in the beta program, you must open the Members app and click on the One UI 5 beta banner. Next, fill in the details, and you’ll get a notification once the update is available for you.

Once you receive the update, go to Settings -> Software update menu to install the beta. However, before you install it, keep in mind that this is a beta release and will likely have some bugs and issues. Also, switching back to 12 will require a factory reset. Make sure to back up your data, just in case. 

Galaxy Z Fold 2 launched in 2020 with Android 10 and is poised to get three years of major OS updates and four years of security patches. The Android 13-based One UI 5 might be the third and final stop of Galaxy Z Fold 2’s software update train. However, the phone will still religiously receive security patches for one more year, i.e., until 2024.

is yet to push the stable Android 13-based One UI 5, even for the latest Galaxy S22 series, but it’ll likely happen by the end of October 2022.

Source: Sammobile, Via: GSMarena

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