Samsung Galaxy S24: Revealing the Costs of Component Replacement

The highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series is just around the corner. And while leaks have unveiled most of its secrets, one vital aspect remains shrouded in mystery: repair costs.

The Price of Premium: Unveiling Repair Costs for the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

Fortunately, a Slovenian repair store, Mobistekla, has shed some light on this subject. Showcasing pricing on its website for various after-sales services. While not officially confirmed by Samsung until the phone's launch on January 17th, these figures offer potential buyers a valuable glimpse into the potential financial impact of owning these top-of-the-line devices.

Let's delve into the specifics:

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Screen Replacements:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: Brace yourself, as replacing the entire screen on the most premium model will set you back a hefty €375.
  • Galaxy S24+ and S24: These models fare slightly better, with complete screen replacements costing €255 and €259, respectively.

Glass Replacements:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: If the damage is limited to the outer glass, the burden may still be significant, with a €199 price tag for its replacement on the Ultra.
  • Galaxy S24+ and S24: Glass replacement offers a more palatable option on these models, costing €175 for both.

Battery Replacements:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: Replacing the battery on the Ultra comes in at a relatively modest €65.
  • Galaxy S24 and S24+: Both these models share a similar battery replacement cost of €68 and €72, respectively.

It's crucial to note that these figures are based on original parts. Suggesting they should represent the official Samsung-sanctioned repair costs in most markets. However, it's worth remembering that these are preliminary figures. And the official announcement from Samsung on Jan 17th may differ slightly.

Ultimately, while the Samsung Galaxy S24 series promises cutting-edge technology and exceptional features, potential buyers should factor in the potentially high repair costs associated with these premium devices. Taking necessary precautions and considering extended warranties may be wise investments for those hoping to minimize the financial impact of future accidental damage.

With this information in hand, potential buyers can make informed decisions about the S24 series, weighing the allure of cutting-edge technology against the realities of potential repair costs.

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