Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra outclass the iPhone 14 Pro series – new leak reveals

South Korean manufacturer, will officially release its new flagship series next year. From the available reports so far, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will not come with many changes. However, the Galaxy S23 series is turning out to be a very interesting series with new leaks. One positive aspect of this series is that its performance will be higher than other devices with the same chip. The Galaxy S23 series will use an overclocked Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. Both the CPU and GPU clock speeds are higher than the regular model. At the moment, this chip is exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series. Thus, its performance will be superior.

Galaxy S23 display brightness exceeds 2200 nits

A new tweet from @RGcloudS reveals that this series will also come with an attractive display. The tweet reveals that the brightness of the Galaxy S23 series AMOLED display could exceed 2200 nits. He claims that the lowest is 2100 nits and it could be higher than 2200 nits. Furthermore, the display will come with a massive touch sampling rate of 960Hz. As for the PWM frequency, the tweet claims that it should be below 2,000 Hz.

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Samsung Galaxy S23

Galaxy S23 Ultra beats the iPhone 14 Pro series

Looking at the scores directly, it appears that the Galaxy S23 Ultra takes the day. The iPhone 14 Pro series’s maximum brightness is 2000 nits. However, we can’t give it to just yet. According to Dylan Raga, both Samsung and ’s display panels use the same OLED emitters. However, the test settings for both phones are different. While Apple’s 2000 nits is gotten from a test with the screen set at 25% APL (Average Picture Level), Samsung’s 2200+ nits is gotten from a test with the screen set at 1% APL. Dylan claims that at 1% APL, the iPhone 14 Pro series will hit 2300 nits brightness. However, this is only a claim. In all, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series is still a flagship to watch out for. There are reports that its screen is 45% more power-efficient than its predecessor.

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