Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was the most shipped premium smartphone in India in March 2022

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is currently the most advanced and expensive slab smartphone from Samsung. According to a new report, it was the most preferred premium smartphone in India in the month of March 2022.

A Hindustan Times report says that accounted for a whopping 81% of the Indian smartphone market in the above ₹1,00,000 price category in March 2022. The news outlet cites data from Counterpoint Research.

Most interestingly, 74% of the shipments came from the Galaxy S22 Ultra alone. In other words, the Galaxy S22 Ultra was the most shipped premium smartphone in India in the third month of 2022.

Additionally, also had a 38% market share in the above ₹30,000 price segment during the same period. In the whole of Q1 2022, this figure stood at 63% compared to 55% in Q1 2021.

This clearly suggests that the South Korean electronics giant did pretty well in the competitive Indian smartphone market. But the question is has the company managed to continue the momentum after March?

Unfortunately, we don’t have an answer for it right now. Going by the shipment data of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it sure looks like a pent-up demand for the Galaxy Note, an iconic stylus-equipped premium smartphone lineup, which the Galaxy S22 Ultra has replaced after two years of hiatus.



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