Samsung Galaxy A series account for nearly half of brand’s total sales

A new report has revealed some interesting information regarding the overall sales of and its various mobile series. Apparently, the Galaxy A series is the most popular lineup and nearly account for half of all sales when compared every other series.

Galaxy A53 hands on Image | Source: YouTube / Đức Khánh Channel

The news arrives from a Counterpoint Research report. Looking at the chart, we can see that the South Korean tech giant’s Galaxy A series is its most popular lineup of handsets. In other words, the A series accounts for a majority of the company’s sales since other lineups like the flagship Galaxy S series, the mid level Galaxy M series, and other combined account for just 58 percent overall.

Back in 2021, the Galaxy A series was responsibly for nearly two thirds of smartphones being sold. Furthermore, the Galaxy A series also saw great success across the globe in diverse nations ranging from North America, Western and Eastern Europe, and even across the LATAM (Latin American) and MEA (Middle East Africa) regions as well. Now, the brand is also gearing up for two new models that will be launched within the A series.


This includes the Galaxy A53 and the A73 5G. The two upcoming smartphones will be placed within the upper mid range segment. However, the A73 5G in particular will even compete with some of the other affordable level flagship devices. Most of these are primary sold by ’s Chinese rivals, like Xiaomi, Redmi, Oppo, and others.



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