Samsung files patent for dual screen smartphone with a transparent rear display

is reportedly working on a dual-screen smartphone with a rear-facing transparent display. The South Korean brand filed a patent application at World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) in January this year and was published last week. The patent application reveals some unique design information that is said to be working on. 

Smartphones usually have a flat surface back panel housing a camera module and the brand’s logo. Now as per the patent application, might be considering taking its smartphones to a new level with an innovative design. The brand is considering developing a transparent display at the back. According to the application the second display blends in with the rest of the phone’s back panel when not in use. It could turn on fully or partially similar to an Always-on display. A second rear-facing screen could be used to showcase designs, and information at glance, and also take selfies using the rear camera. 

’s dual-screen patent application looks similar to the ZTE Nubia X that debuted back in 2020. However, it employed a glass rear panel with a higher opacity to hide a regular screen when it is turned off. On the other hand, Samsung’s patent indicates that the phone will have a real display at the back. 

Although the patent application is real, there is a possibility that ’s plans of launching a dual-screen phone may never materialise. 



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