Samsung Electronics Gets Its First-Ever Female President

Women are emerging to rule a variety of professions, and now one of the major tech giants in the globe has promoted one of its female executives to the position of company president. Prior to this, Lee Young-Hee was the company’s vice president. She started working with in 2007 and was given a promotion to vice president in 2012. It has been ascribed to Lee, a former employee of L’Oreal, for successfully boosting the reputation and brand of Samsung’s Galaxy mobile phones.

For ’s Device eXperience (DX) division, which is in charge of managing its mobile business, Lee Young-hee was elevated to the position of president of the Global Marketing Center. Samsung anticipated that the promotion would give other talented female employees the chance to push themselves to advance their careers.
She is one of seven new presidents appointed as part of the first small-scale restructure since Lee Jae-Yong, the de facto leader of the firm, was promoted to executive chairman of the business in October.

Since Lee Jae-Seung quit in October for unspecified “personal reasons,” has not named a replacement to lead its home appliance division. Following Lee’s resignation, Han Jong-hee, vice chair and co-CEO of Samsung will temporarily continue to perform the additional responsibility, the company stated.

That concludes this news. Lee has been managing her role and work at quite effectively, and she certainly received this promotion as a result. She now holds a more important position with more duties on her plate. She will manage this duty admirably, given her past. Let’s see how she handles this title!



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