Samsung CEO apologizes to users over GOS controversy

Earlier this month, got into hot waters over the GOS performance throttling fiasco. The company was basically found to be artificially limiting the performance of over 10,000 apps through GOS (Game Optimizing Service) including system apps, apps, and numerous third-party apps by over 56%. The GOS comes pre-installed in many Samsung smartphones including their latest flagship line, the Galaxy S22 series.

The kicker was that these limitations excluded benchmarking apps, which meant that the devices were showing performance that was actually not representative of real-world performance. As a result, ’s last four flagship smartphones were kicked off the popular benchmarking site, Geekbench.

GOS 3DMark Samsung

After being caught, quickly acknowledged the issue stating that the GOS is meant to optimize CPU and GPU performance to prevent excessive heating and increase the battery life of smartphones. Following this, the company started rolling out software patches to smartphones affected by the GOS limitations essentially undoing the limitations imposed before.

Jong-Hee Han

Now, at the recent annual shareholders meeting, the company’s VC and CEO Jong-Hee Han has issued an official apology to Samsung users over the GOS controversy. The chief executive admitted Samsung did not appreciate customer concerns and said Samsung will “listen to customers more closely to prevent such an issue from happening again”.

The update has still not reached all regions but when it does, it’ll be interesting to see how the Galaxy S22 series, especially the Galaxy S22 Ultra‘s battery performance is impacted, which has previously been praised for offering extraordinary battery life.




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